iPSC-derived Dopaminergic Neurons

Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are a powerful tool for studying neuronal activity in vitro. Human iPS cells overcome many of the limitations of other popular models, such as immortalized cell lines and primary mouse neurons, which can be plagued by reproducibility issues and lack of biological relevance. Although human iPS cells have many advantages over existing models, one drawback is that differentiation into the desired cell type is a time and labor intensive process. To address this research bottleneck, Elixirgen Scientific provides a variety of products and services to make research more efficient. Our proprietary technology allows for rapid, reproducible differentiation of human iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons without sacrificing purity. 


  • Fast differentiation and maturation
  • Highly pure population
  • No genetic footprint


  • Basic research
  • Drug screening
  • Disease modeling

Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic Differentiation Kits & Medium

Our Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic differentiation kit allows researchers to quickly, easily, and efficiently differentiate their iPS cell line into dopaminergic neurons. 

Cat no.Product NameDescription
DA-mRNAQuick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic -mRNA KitThis kit differentiates human pluripotent stem cells into dopaminergic neurons in 10 days using synthetic mRNA.
DA-MMQuick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic - Maintenance MediumThis medium maintains differentiated dopaminergic neurons for up to 2 weeks.


ipsc derived dopaminergic neurons

Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic cell cultures express neuronal markers and display typical neurite outgrowth. Immunofluorescent staining that shows expression of the pan-neuronal marker TUBB3 and the dopaminergic neuron-specific marker TH on Day 10.