• ipsc dopaminergic neurons


Category: Human iPS/ES cell differentiation reagent
Tissue Type: Dopaminergic Neurons
Scale: 4 wells of 24-well plate


The Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic – mRNA Kit (Small) facilitates rapid and efficient differentiation of human iPS or ES cells into a population of primarily dopaminergic neurons in just 10 days. Our proprietary transcription factor-based stem cell differentiation method uses synthetic mRNAs to produce highly pure populations of neurons without a genetic footprint. Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic differentiated cell cultures display typical neurite outgrowth and express a variety of neuronal markers, such as the pan-neuronal marker tubulin beta 3 class III (TUBB3) and the dopaminergic markers tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) and dopamine (DA). When handled and maintained according to the instructions in this user guide, dopaminergic neurons are viable long-term and are suitable for a variety of characterization and neurotoxicity assays.


  • Rapid production: Stop waiting weeks. Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic produces dopaminergic neurons within 10 days.
  • No footprint: Other methods leave behind molecular and genetic traces — Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic doesn’t.
  • Easy process: No more complex steps! Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic has a simple and easy-to-understand protocol.

Protocol Outline


ipsc dopaminergic neuron protocol
From Day 10, users may maintain differentiated neurons in the maintenance medium best suited for their needs, though we recommend Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic – Maintenance Medium.


ipsc derived dopaminergic neurons
Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic cultures expressing the pan-neuronal marker TUBB3 and the dopaminergic neuron marker TH at day 10.


Scale 4 wells of a 24-well plate (small) or 6 wells of a 6-well plate/100-mm dish (large)
Shipping Conditions Dry ice
Storage Conditions -80°C (some components can be stored at -20°C. See User Guides for more information)

User Guides



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